Depok residents were shocked by the sticking out of a man who claimed to be the reformer (Imam Mahdi). The attention of the community is devoted to the existence of an invitation that was viral in the net. The invitation was in the form of an Idul Fitri 2019 open house invitation which went viral on social media after being posted by the @infodepok_id account.

Currently, invitations uploaded by the account have reaped more than two thousand likes and hundreds of comments. The invitation was obviously due to the written 'halal open house bihalal Idul Fitri 1440 H with the reformer (Imam Mahdi). Trying to browse the address listed on the invitation, the reporter found the exact location of the hermitage.

Apparently, the local residents also said that indeed this afternoon the hermitage had been visited by officials. Man named Mahfuzi who claimed to be a follower of 'Imam Mahdi' said that what Imam Mahdi meant was his teacher named Winardi. "Yes, we believe that our leader is Imam Mahdi, as a teacher, our leader, our guidance into the issue of religious knowledge," Mahfuzi said in the hermitage which is located at Jalan H Sulaiman RT 02/05 No.123, Kampung Perigi, Bedahan, Sawangan , Depok City, Wednesday (05/29/2019).

Mahfuzi also said that he was with the dozens of other pilgrims studying religious knowledge by Winardi who claimed to be the Mahdi Imam. "Yes here we learn, study science, guidance, nature more to know and deepen the science of religion, to know the religion that is straightforward," said Mahfuzi. Finally, Mahfuzi said that when Winardi was in the Sawangan District Office, because he was mediating with local religious leaders, officials, and the MUI in Depok City.

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Man named Winardi and having his address at Kampung Perigi No.123, Sawangan, Depok City, became viral after claiming to be Imam Mahdi to dozens of his followers. In fact, Padepokan Winardi plans to hold an Eid al Fitr 2019 open house through an invitation on June 6, 2019 at his residence. In the invitation, it was written 'halal open house Idul Fitri 1440 H with the reformer (Imam Mahdi)'.

Suddenly, the invitation was viral after uploading it on Instagram social media via the @infodepok_id and @depok24jam accounts, and has reaped thousands of likes to hundreds of warganet comments. Mahfuzy, one of Winardi's followers, said that his 'teacher' works as a security officer everyday. "His profession is a security guard in the Pancoran area, South Jakarta," Mahfuzy said at Winardi's residence on Wednesday (05/29/2019) early morning.

Mahfuzy admitted, he had joined the hermitage and became a student of Winardi since 2014 ago. At present, Mahfuzy also says that Winardi's followers have reached around 80 people. "There are already 100 people, 80 people," said Mahfuzy.

Concerned about the presence of Winardi, a man from Kampung Prigi, Sawangan, Depok City, and claiming to be Imam Mahdi finally finished. Through deliberations by local religious leaders, Chairman of the Depok City MUI KH Dimyati Badruzzaman, and the police as security, Winardi finally admitted his mistake. KH Dimyati said, in the deliberations it brought three books that were largely related to Imam Mahdi.

After deliberation, the results were agreed that based on the Holy Qur'an and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, Winardi was not a Mahdi Imam. "Sorry, Pak Winardi, his name is clearly different from the name of Imam Mahdi according to the books. So we agreed to state that if there are people who do not conform to the teachings of the hadith then this is wrong, wrong and incorrect, then this is a deviant teaching, "KH Dimyati said at Sawangan District Office, Depok City, Thursday (05/30/2019). KH Dimyati continued, Winardi was also asked to repent, and his followers were asked to leave because they were not in accordance with the teachings.

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"Alhamdulillah dia (Winardi) had said two sentences of creed," added KH Dimyati. Meanwhile, Winardi himself admitted his mistake and promised to close his association forever. "In front of the clerics and religious leaders I have promised that what I have done is closed forever. Sorry if there is an error and instability in the community," he concluded.

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